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The service does not have a setup fee, monthly fees or maintance fees. The service is billed either as PREPAID service or as normal monthly invoiced service.



All transactions are paid with Netstamps (credits) that are purchased in advance from a webshop. The current saldo of Netstamps is maintained at Apix servers.

Apix shares the income from used Netstamps with software vendor whose application was used to send/receive the transaction.



In invoiced model the service usage is either billed from the end-user or from the software vendor. In the case of software vendor the pricing is based on wholesale model allowing the vendor to price the service on his own.

Suggested modifications and additions to the sending application


Graphically the design of the 'Send' should look like the 'X' in Apix-logo.


Suggested operation at software when 'Send' is activated the first time

The application should open a new window with three choices:

... (in Finland) (in Sweden)

The web-page behind the link contains information about the 'Send' functionality and the benefits of using it.

1.2 Register and create ids


THIS APPLIES ONLY FOR THE PREPAID MODEL. In invoicing model the customer is established through API or through Servicedesk

When the user pushes the link a separate browser window is opened with the following URL:


It is recommended that the application opens a separate window for 'Send' with the contents and functions described in the aboce picture.

2.1 Saldo of Netstamps


THIS APPLIES ONLY FOR THE PREPAID MODEL. In invoicing model the saldo is always reported 99999.

The application should automatically retrieve the current saldo of netstamps from Apix servers using a REST-call GetSaldo.

See the ?External REST-API for details on the call.

2.2. Purchase Netstamps


THIS APPLIES ONLY FOR THE PREPAID MODEL. In invoicing model the Netstamps are not used

The button should open a new browser window with the following URL:


The application generates a REST-call PricingInfo to the Apix platform, which contains the sender y-tunnus, receiver y-tunnus, documenttype (invoic for invoices) and the number of pages in associated PDF-image. The call returns the cost in Netstamps for sending the documents. It is recommeded that if the current saldo exceeds the returned cost the numbers are displayed in green and if the the cost exceeds the saldo it is displayed in red and the 'Send' button is disabled until the amount of documents is changed or additional stamps purchased.

For invoicing model the call should be implemented to DeliveryMethod instead.


See ?External REST-API for details


The functionality for receiving invoices is left to the discretion of the application developer. However it is strongly recommended that there is a 'Vastaanota'-button in the application that starts the receiving process.